Friday, 22 July 2011

Out of the water - Day 1

In June we booked a week-end slot on the slipway at Pillings to sort out some of the problems and give the hull a coat of black.
While the hull was being jet washed by Claire I set to work with the disc cutter.
Yep this steel plate welded onto the bow to move the boat in the yard and secure to the low loader had not been removed before launch. Good job we had not hit anybody or we would have sunk them.
Once the hull had dried a quick coat of black to pretty her up. The coating was fine in general just a plenty of scuffs. I suspect a lot of them were made during the move to the paint shop at Stafford where it was stated. “This hydraulic steering is rubbish, when you turn the wheel to the right the boat goes left.” On suggesting the hoses should be swapped over I was asked if that would make a difference. Surprise, surprise it did, apparently the journey back was a lot easier.
There we go and now at long last the fender which was promised so long ago has been fitted to the front. Another job on the agenda was to blank off the sink drain.
This was too close to the waterline for my liking and the surveyor had stated anything this low should be fitted with a ball valve. On removal I also found it was only finger tight and letting in water. My solution is to reposition the outlet to just under the main rubbing strake and use a sump pump to clear the water.
I got this one from Shobnall chandlers, a bit pricey for what it is but it suited my needs exactly.
Made a blank in 6mm steel that fitted from behind to fill the hole and Steve from Plillings did a quality weld for me which he ground back so that now it has been blacked there is no trace.
More to come, but got to dive off now, seems to be nothing but parties and outings this week. What an exciting life us penioners lead.

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