Friday, 5 August 2011

Battery switches

The week started more slowly than planned with us still being involved in harvesting as much as possible. Latest experiment is plums pickled in brandy.
Looks like it’s going to be a boozy Christmas this year.
Ordered a deluxe control panel from Beta with a longer wiring loom. Had asked BH to fit full instrumentation in the first place but I must presume that would have been too complicated. The wiring loom at present is too short, not allowing the instrument panel to be lifted without pulling terminals off, as listed in the surveyors report.
Finally got down to the boat on Wednesday. Disconnected shore supply and all batteries in order to carry out full battery test on the following day. Also with batteries disconnected  I wanted to move the battery switches off the inverter cupboard door to prevent damage to the battery cables and terminals, again as listed in the surveyors report. 

 As you can see half the trip switches are guesswork. A new larger trip panel will be fitted when I get round to building the new control desk. According to Benjamin the wonderful, the trip panel was to be fitted by the entrance to the main cabin, but no, as with so many other things it was changed without consultation, so now deck boards have to be lifted to see if everything is on.
When disconnecting the engine battery I found that the earth terminal for the Hurricane heater had just been pushed between the cable terminals.
A quick delve into the box of bits and said cable was fitted with a suitable terminal crimp, shrink wrapped and bolted on as it should be.
Switches repositioned on the side of the cupboard but still in plain view with labels this time to show which is which.
They may be minor items but it sums up the sloppy fit out.
It’s the fine detail that separate the gentleman from the bounder.

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