Saturday, 13 August 2011

Sink drain

Once all the work under the sink had been completed it was time to connect the drain to the fancy sump I had brought.
 Planned location in the engine bay next to the calorifier. Just a case of watch your step as for some reason the main battery cables from the engine run over the bearer here. On the other side they run through.

Managed to squeeze it into the corner as planned, connected it up to the bilge trip and everything works fine. Its rusty down here because there is a slight leak from what I think may be a pressure relief valve. I'm wondering if it will stop when I add a header tank that is pressurised. Having down loaded the Hurricane heating manual from the internet all systems seem to show a header tank "with pressure cap no more than 7 psi" All w have at present is an unsealed box. Also the manual states the pump must be lower than the boiler and that the left side is to be accessible for maintenance. Oh dear here we go again

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