Monday, 8 August 2011

Domestic water pump

Popped down to Screwfix to get some flexible pipes to remount the water pump under the sink. (How can you remount something that hadn’t been mounted in the first place)

Well I got my pipes but they also had this on offer.
How could I possibly refuse. No home should be without one, but that said it was back down to the boat to take the water pump out.
Problem – Look back at the first picture and you will see it is fed by two live wires!!!! Derr that not right. Out comes the fridge next door and look what I find.
What’s the point of colour coding cables if you are just going to do this. Might have just as well got a job lot of one colour. So instead of refitting pump the wiring behind the fridge got rehashed.

Back to the water pump. I am definitely not impressed by the standard of jointing.
Flexible hoses fitted and pump screwed to back of cupboard. Also found out why there had been a tendency for leaks, one of the brass adapters in the original set up had been fitted without an ‘O’ ring.
The extra black pipe is the new drain to the sump to be fitted in the engine bay.
While the water was off I added a water filter to the cold tap. Another item asked for but not supplied.
A few more cockup’s sorted but plenty more to go.

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Tom and Jan said...

Obviously not a competent plumber or electrician