Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Quick Update

Lots going on with T-A at the moment but all that can be seen is chaos, so no pictures at the moment I’m afraid
The gas locker is finished. All old wiring removed from starboard side except for the cabin lights, cables in for winch and bow thruster controls and wiring in for navigation lights, tunnel lamp and horn. Unable to move the wires from switches to ceiling lights so it looks like they are pinched behind the panelling. To that end the ceiling has started to be dismantled.
I am so disgusted with the standard of wiring installed by Ben Harp that I am determined to replace every last inch of it. Kev from 4Evermore (A previous BH build) once told me he had been complimented on the quality of the wiring on his boat, so I must assume that the work was not carried out by the same person.
The winch has been removed, all the holes welded up, ground smooth and primed with Finnegans No1. While the foredeck was clear it seemed like a good time to give it another coat of paint.
New holes for winch cut to line the capstan side with the port Samson post as requested during the build. Winch remounted with new horn and socket for tunnel lamp, all cable tails made but still to be connected into the main system.
Inverter reconnected through isolation transformer and starboard side 240V rewired.
All the work has been a bit haphazard as it has been governed by the weather.
Still loads to do but at last I think we are fixing more than we are finding.
A boil in a hot bath follwed by a cold beer sounds favorite for now.

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