Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Very Busy Day

An early start yesterday with T-A on the slipway before nine,
pressure washed and on hard standing by eleven.
Karen washed down the topsides whilst I dismantled the old wheelhouse framework.
Started lifting the new framework into place while Karen popped home to exercise the dogs and refill the flasks.
On her return stated on the blacking.
By eight in the evening Karen had completed the blacking but I hadn’t finished the wheelhouse – must have been slacking.

Popped the old cover on just to see how things looked before sheeting the whole thing down and wandering over to the bar for a well deserved shandy. Still work to do but by then we had both had enough and tiredness makes for silly mistakes.


Today should be a lot quieter. Karen is off to her drawing class while I off load the car – any body want to buy a large cloche?

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