Friday, 15 June 2012

Retail Therapy and Varnishing.

Not a lot to see at the moment, T-A is sheeted down against the weather except when I’m doing bits to the wheelhouse. It’s about there now but with every little adjustment the varnishing has to take place again so that slows things down a bit. Karen has rubbed down the walls and given the bedroom the first coat of varnish, I pointed out she had missed a bit – hasty exit left J .
We have had a word with Chris from Tops Tarpaulins to see about a cover to replace the sad thing we have now. On a suggestion from Paul at Pillings we’ve contacted Bill Rosie who did the report on T-A at the beginning asking him or one of his team to drop by and advise if our work is up to scratch and planned work complies with regs. I think it should do but better to check now and get it right – don’t want to go through this lot again.
Got some welding to do in the engine bay – only simple stuff like a bracket for a fuel filter for the Hurricane, there isn’t one fitted, and some mounts for the calorifier to stop it moving about.  So decided to get longer leads for the welder, 8m of 50mm sq. should do to save me climbing into the boat carrying a heavy welder. While at the suppliers I just couldn’t resist getting one of these -
a light sensitive mask powered by a solar panel working off the arc. The way technology is forging ahead is quite scary at times.
Thinking about it now I could have got away with shorter and lighter welding leads, all I had to do was come in via the weed hatch – DOH!

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Tom and Jan said...

You're going to look like Lord Vader running around in the new welding mask! :-)