Saturday, 9 June 2012

Getting Ready To Slip

Plenty of sanding and varnishing going on over the past few days. In between times, down to T-A to dismantle the large cupboard in the lounge and fit the engine sensors for the new engine panel. That was fun and games because I couldn’t find the oil pressure sensor, hunted high and low. Water temperature sensor was no problem but still no sign of the oil pressure sensor. Even considered stripping the insulation off the wiring loom so as to follow the associated wire. In desperation I contacted Beta and with their guidance found it tucked away behind the gearbox oil cooler which had to be removed to gain access. Any way it’s done now and the cocoon is back round the engine and decking back in place. Engine run up – No leaks, no alarms – a great result.
Coming out of the water for two weeks on Tuesday to fit the new wheelhouse, had hoped to have the skylight ready as well but too slow so that will have to wait for the moment. Plenty of other jobs to be done while out and it seems a shame not to give her a coat of black at the same time.
Must remember to take the camera with me.

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