Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Modern Art?

Well the woodwork on the wheelhouse is as complete as far as it can be without actually fitting it to T-A, so now the old routine of sanding and varnishing begins. Although rather tedious I do like seeing the colour and grain of the wood starting to show.
No it’s not modern art it is in fact the roof bars and the beading that holds the windows in hanging out to dry.
All the frames and parts  have all had two coats and I am confident we can manage another coat before fitting, so that’s two and a half more than the original, with a further coat applied after installation. As soon as that is done it will be a phone call to the cover makers for a new top to replace the tatty bit of plastic we have now.
One alteration to the screws holding the frames in is that I will no longer be using stainless cup washers and screws as it seemed to be too obvious, so now all the screw holes have been opened out to take recessed screw cups in brass (Couldn’t get them in stainless) and will use brass screws to match. So much for no brass on this boatJ

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