Thursday, 31 May 2012

Taking Shape

Just looking back I see it’s just over a month since the wheelhouse plans were drawn up. It feels a lot longer as I seem to have been working away on the wheelhouse for ages. Although there is plenty still to do, you can see the basic shape . A slight change from the plan is the shorter rear windows, this was necessary to accommodate the handrail/hinge I had made for the original fit out.

As you can see the three side windows are not now of uniform size, but as close as I can make them. Everything is just pushed together to confirm measurements and see how it looks. Wondering why it is taking so long, did a bit of counting and there are 155 individual pieces, not counting screws, dowels or plugs – most of which have been produced from rough cut timber. All that red stuff on the ground is damp sawdust – really must get round to sweeping the yard when this ia all over.
Just about managing to keep pace with the rate of grass growing. Thank goodness Karen is into gardening.
As for GCS – had a couple of days off helping the lads clear Woolsthorpe depot in preparation for the societies new acquisition ‘Mudlark’ an ex BW dredger.


Tom and Jan said...

Looks like the work of a professional joiner...... Ooops you are a professional joiner :-)

David said...

I wish!