Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Slow But Sure

The front of the wheelhouse is starting to come together. The clamps came off on Monday and everything is looking  good but it has become apparent that there is not much of the original timber that can be reused. Sods law in that it is either the too small or there are screw holes just where you don’t want them.
Monday afternoon saw me at Glenmere Timber at Market Harborough picking up a few bits of sapele and a couple of pieces of north American ash for when I come to refit the interior.
It’s all rough sawn inch and a half by eight foot boards, so I’ll be popular with the neighbours when they  get put through the planer.
The completed framework has been given rubbed down it’s first coat of varnish.
While the varnish is going off it has given me the chance to catch up with work in the garden. Four rows of potatoes earthed up and lawns mowed, things are certainly starting to sprout now.
One more coat of varnish and the hinges will be fitted and then a couple more on top of that, but it all takes time, at least with the weather improving this can be done outside while I’m creating a dust inside or vice versa.
A sure sign that the weather is warming up a bit is that Sox has taken up playing with the fishes again.
Cutting list for the rest of the wheelhouse just drawn up so that is the planned job for the next few days between wielding sandpaper and paint brush. Think the neighbours have got wind - they’re going away for a few days J

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