Sunday, 13 May 2012

It Fits

Feeling quite smug yesterday after taking the new bit of wheelhouse framework  down to T-A and with Karen’s help managed to drop it into place for the final fit. Only need to trim a couple of millimetres on the side window ends to align with the doors

Couldn't get a good angle to get a decent photo, well that's my excuse anyway.
Straight home and dismantled it all ready for the final assembly.
This morning a bit of gentle trimming and the reassembly completed this afternoon.
All clamped up to make sure there is no movement as the glue goes off.
Definitely need more clamps.
Not sure what to do next, the rear which will be similar or the side panels but one thing is for sure – it will soon be back to the old routine of sanding and varnishing. The beading to hold the windows in place will be done as a job lot once all the frames are complete. I’m thinking it will be easier to handle if we install the windows in situ rather than fit them beforehand.
Ah well! That’s killed a bit of time – decided to do the blog entry now to stop me trying to adjust and tweak the clamps that little bit more.
Let's hope this weather holds.


Tom and Jan said...


When you feel you have sufficiently "refined" your joinery skills you can come and work on Waiouru. Actually, looking at your work, you can come now!

David said...

Hi Tom

Thanks for the compliment Tom but it looks like the lads are doing better without me. :-)