Wednesday, 20 June 2012

More Wiring Horrors

Slow progress over the last few days. Sunday saw me disconnecting the mains shore supply to the inverter and trip switches in preparation to install the new conduit run via the isolation transformer. Also ordered a changeover switch so that we can have a 240V pickup on either side of the boat. Monday was milling a slot into a section of RHS
and seam welding it into the gas locker to make it gas tight after drilling holes in the deck and back. Sand off the burnt paint and repaint the back of the gas locker, feed in some wire, grommets top and bottom and at last we have a stern light.
The only job left is to give the inside of the gas locker a coat of bulkhead paint.
Tuesday was the last adjustments to the wheelhouse and a  bit more work in the engine ‘ole with the wiring, While taking a break I decided to have a look in the bow thruster / winch battery box as this is one place I have not yet looked in.
Unscrewed the lid and …………
First thought – the battery’s bigger than I expected.
Second thought – how would I get it out? – You cant without removing all the fixtures
Third thought – what are those cables coming off the battery side of the switch? – They are to the bow thruster which is live at all times.
Next – why are those cables wrapped in insulation tape? – They are live feed but in blue cable.
Note also the unfused live supply off the +ve terminal. The black and red are from the battery charger.
Two of these cables should be brown ( That is of course red if the correct colour coding had been used)
Underside of the lid
Showing scorch marks from the fuse holder, not sure if this is from the current though the fuse or the fact that the fuse was only finger tight. The main battery fuse holder burnt out because the fuse was loose.
Cables to the winch through the deck with no grommet.
Decided to leave this knot for another day. Winch made safe by disconnecting from battery terminal, at least the bow thruster comes off the right side of the switch. Anyway – new job added to the list – make new battery box. Sometimes it seems like a never ending story but I will not be beaten by some scumbag numpty.
Today catching up on the gardening but may pop down to paint the inside of the gas locker.

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