Sunday, 1 July 2012

In The Sh*t Again

Down at T-A every day since last post but coming home too tired to do any blogging.
At the moment I am replacing the wiring for the ceiling lights and (touch wood) am being able to do so by only removing one side of the ceiling panels,
but in doing so some of the battens are coming down with it as they are only stuck in with mastic.

I don’t know if this is normal practice but it doesn’t seem very secure.
The new trip switch panel is slowly being populated and we now have a working horn and at long last a tunnel lamp.
Friday and Saturday Karen spent the days cleaning the posides and touching up the flaky paintwork, pity the inside doesn't look so tidy.
The day before T-A was slipped we went round to the pump out point and gave the system two tokens worth of sludge gulping as one of the jobs to sort was the temporary bodge done to the black water tank to get us away last summer. The Nearly Trip
I was somewhat surprised when I removed the inspection cover to find effluent only three inches from the top. This is not what I had hoped for, so set to removing all the tape and sealant from the pickup pipe.  On removing the extraction pipe top I Find that the pipe has dropped down and is resting on the bottom of the tank effectively blocking it. Had the bottom of the pipe been cut at an angle as shown in the Vetus manual it probably would have carried on working. Of the ‘O’ ring also listed there was no sign. New ‘O’ ring fitted to pipe and pipe tightened into correct position, hopefully this will cure the problem but at the same time I will see if I can obtain a new pipe and cut it as per the manual.
As is often said on the railway “We’re always in the sh*t – it’s only the depth that varies” J

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Tom and Jan said...

The damned container at Hixon was full of half used tubes of mastic. Now I know where the other half has gone!