Saturday, 28 July 2012

A Bit Of Everything

It has been a real mixed bag this past week. Took a bit of a break from T-A with a visit to Karen’s mum on Saturday where it was pointed out that it was the first trip to see her this year, all other times she had been up to see us. Oops!
Sunday was spent tidying up the garden and picking and freezing more goodies.
Monday morning with the Grantham Canal Society cutting grass and generally tidying up Woolsthorpe depot and in the afternoon in the workshop starting to cut new trim for the ceiling. It has been too warm for any serious work, even the dogs are seeking out the shady areas of the yard.
The following two days were spent down at T-A fitting the new wall lights in the lounge and pulling the appliances out of the kitchen area
ready to rewire and possibly re-run the gas pipe which runs across the cupboard floor.
It is passable but I personally think in this position it will be prone to damage and intend to see if I can run it across the top of the cupboard. Every panel you remove reveals more rubbish left behind. Note the screw standing proud.
The wiring across the bulkhead is nearly complete and will soon be ready to be panelled in but the section between worktop and conduit will be removable.
All loose battening in the ceiling refixed.
Thursday was a long day out with the GCS clearing the fencing round Woolsthorpe Top Lock. While I finished up at the depot with farmer John the rest cranked up ‘Corvus’ the work boat and set about clearing debris from the cut. Once finished it was round by road to join them at Denton Wharf.
A motley crew approaching Denton.
A really sunny afternoon spent cruising up to Grantham and back – good fun all round.
General chores mixed in with retail therapy on Friday and today was spent routing the edging on the new ceiling trim for T-A and making the holes for the concealed screws. I soon realised that the existing holes had been drilled freehand so all measurements and centres were approximate. Had a bit of a think and came up with this solution.
The jig is placed face down on the trim and the dowel on the left drops into the last hole drilled and the shoulders keep the work piece centred. Seemples.
Also producing ash plugs on a commercial scale from the old trim.
Should be able to get the ceiling back up next week and get T-A looking a bit more presentable again.

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