Saturday, 1 September 2012

The Beast Is Dead

Once more I’m playing catch up. Monday was spent varnishing the cupboard doors before fitting handles and plate. Also fitted the handles to some of the other cupboard doors.
Tuesday cutting grass at Woolsthorpe depot ready for 6th September Heritage Day and being as I was in the swing, mowed the lawns at home as well.
It’s been a funny old year in the garden. There are no pears whatsoever and very few plums but loads of apples. The sunflowers have gone ballistic – there should be plenty for the birds this winter.
and the sweet corn is looking good
but the squirrels have already started raiding the nuts.
Karen has really worked hard in the garden this year with virtually no help from me because I’ve been spending a fair bit of time on T-A.
Wednesday was catching up with jobs around the house and paperwork – I must like this boaty type of work because I’ve signed up for life membership with the GCS
From Thursday onwards it has been down to Trudy-Ann.
Stared rewiring the control for the Hurricane heating and whilst down in the engine bay chopped out the remaining cabling to the old trip panel and negative bus bar.
There is now nothing of Ben Harps wiring  live on the boat, not everything has been connected but the only bits waiting to be done have either only just been installed or are waiting to be installed at the stern such as rudder indicator and fuel gauges, everything forward of here is under new management. Result!
The bedroom is nearly complete and getting back to normal, the only thing left to do is re-hang the cupboard doors. The bedroom door itself is back in place.
Started lifting more floorboards and found a pile more crud.
It makes me wonder if the new bilge fans in the bow are having much effect but at least the one behind the fridge is moving some air.
Getting there slowly but plenty to keep me going, but this next month should see the back broken.

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Tom and Jan said...

What.... No empty coke cans or Mars bar wrappings in the bilge? you were deprived!
Interesting... blue wires used for the 12v circuits!