Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Expensive Firewood

Sunday was catching up with jobs round the home and Monday morning saw me in the workshop making up my cutting list from the previous visit.
One of those niggling little things pointed out was that the bathroom to lounge door had no jamb so  it could be pushed right through.
The BH solution was
It has now been replaced by this,
running floor to ceiling as it should.
Today I made use of the draw wire left in the gunwale after I realised I had forgotten the black water gauge. It’s stuck down the side of the bed where it is difficult to see and has never worked. Having downloaded the wiring diagram from the Vetus website I can see why. Any way the plan is to add the gauge to the control panel, it seems to be working OK after having been wired directly across the battery.
The rest of the time has been spent adding a few bits to the microwave shelf and plate rack.
More to go in but it is slowly taking shape. Plenty of plugs needed.
The rest of the time was ripping up floorboards, but had to stop to clear the debris.
Had thought about cutting it into blocks to make a parquet floor but there are so many screws that half the wood would be lost. If I can't find a way of using it at least it will keep me warm this winter.
About one third done so far, soon all the ballast under the bed will be under the floor where it belongs.

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