Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Back To The Grind

A quiet week-end. Visited the RSPCA and Dogs Trust kennels near us to register, in the hopes of finding Sox a new playmate though now it seems he may not need one. He met up with a six month old boxer cross but that didn’t work out. When all said and done he appears to be quite happy on his own and is enjoying the extra attention he is getting.
Back down on T-A the bathroom has been cleared out except for the shower cubicle, so that he oak flooring could be removed.
At the same time as lifting the ply boarding for the clear out (soon need a new can of Waxoyl) I decided to re plumb the vanity unit.
The pipes will now come in from the side so we can use the cupboard under the sink once the new oak flooring is down.
Elsewhere I have run up a rough plan for some new steps down from the wheelhouse which will incorporate  a cool store and some storage for wellingtons. Cutting some template pieces to see how it will all fit in before laying the new floor.
Bringing home some bits that will go on the CGS stall at the Woolsthorpe depot Discovery Day on Sunday 6th of October. Should be a good laugh with stalls, displays, boat trips and a duck race in the bywash of lock 16. What’s the betting I get roped into giving the depot the once over with a mower next week. :-)

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