Thursday, 13 September 2012

Spoke Too Soon

Well ever since reporting that there was just a bit of sawdust to remove, I’ve been turning up all sorts of crud.
Two bin liners have been filled up to now and there is still plenty more to go at.
Under the kitchen (galley?) units I have turned up some pieces of laminated ply  which look as though they should have filled the gap between floor and cupboard bottom. If we find the full set it will be installed as it should have been – if not should soon be able to make up some more.
Waxoyling the base plate is proving to be a slow job with lifting the floor,  cleaning, removing old ballast, cleaning again, waxing and then replacing the ballast or adding new into each section. Having to keep moving the furniture around is not helping either.
Lifted the  boxing over the radiator pipes to lift  the warped oak flooring and it looks like I may have to redo the plumbing as well. The pipes seem to run any old how and are secured in a haphazard fashion.
As you can see pulling up the flooring has damaged the ply laminate in some places where the water damage had not rotted the mastic. Not decided what to do with this yet as getting 8’x 4’ sheets of ply into the boat now it is fitted out is nigh on impossible, considering adding a layer of 6mm  ply cut into 2’x 8’ strips over the top to form a base for the new flooring. Been down to Wickes today and purchased 16 sq/m of oak flooring and a 5 litre can of wood preserver. The battens and ply base seem to be OK apart from staining caused by water ingress from the skylight and the delaminating caused by the mastic, so hopefully it can all be used again after being treated.
I think I am my own worst enemy, pulling out all these bits and pieces and my mind is racing away – that would be a good spot for an under floor cool box – a broom cupboard would fit nicely in there – that’s a good spot for some shelves – will I ever get finished???? J
Probably not!  


Tom and Jan said...

That's not "crud". It's your ballast! He even ballasted our boat with biscuit and chocolate wrappings :-) Have you got to the empty drink containers yet?

David said...

No - No flotation devices as of yet, just an odd top.