Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Still Cleaning

All the floorboards in the lounge and kitchen areas have been lifted but the ply board split badly under the fridge and sink. Decided to replace a 4’x 4’ panel under the kitchen units. New panel made and taken down on Saturday, unfortunately it would not fit through the doors from the wheelhouse so it was a case of remove the cover over the skylight hole and drop it through – good job Karen was there to help me.
I try and not make too much noise over the week-ends that might upset the neighbours so it was a case of pop down to remove the top  of the port wheelhouse door and take it home to give it a trim, adjust the base angle by 1deg. and  move the hinge rebates forward by 3mm. Couple of coats of varnish and nip back to fit it before it got dark. Fits much more snugly now.
Yesterday spent trimming hedges for Karen’s mum after she managed to crack some ribs falling off the step ladder trying to do it herself.
Today down at T-A pulling up the galley floor and butting off the splintered section, that little Dremel saw is certainly earning it’s keep.
Flooring removed and things seem to be getting worse as we move back.
Five hours and three bin bags later
Waxoyled and timber treated. Flooring has now been replaced but not fixed down.
Next plan is to take up the bedroom and bathroom flooring but taking things on a daily basis at the moment as out old dog, Brock,
isn’t doing too well at the moment.

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Tom and Jan said...

Get better Brock.... you've done it before.
PS.... Hint.... Stop eating the rubbish in the bilge!