Sunday, 9 September 2012

Mundane work

Nothing significant happening at the moment. Wednesday morning was spent in Leicester for the regular railwaymen’s  reunion and down to Woolsthorpe in the afternoon getting the carpenters shop ready for the heritage day.
Thursday morning in the workshop and in the afternoon it was down to Woolsthorpe to help out with the trip boat. Not such a pleasant afternoon for me because I had decided to wear new safety shoes, and them thar steel toe caps got no give in ‘em, just about crippled by the end of the day.
The rest of the time has been ripping out more floorboards and lifting the ply liner below to see what muck is under there. So far pleasantly surprised as apart from an inch of sawdust under the joins things seem quite clear. Any ballast lifted and where I can the steel is treated with Waxoyl and the ballast replaced. I have purchased another 100 pavers to add to the ballast, which by my reckoning will only increase the draft by 9mm, but taking into account the 60 odd pavers under the bed once that lot is under the floor it should help lower the centre of gravity.
Apart from a bit of retail therapy from the Axminster Tools catalogue it has been a steady few days.

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