Wednesday, 3 October 2012

The Grot Goes On

Well plenty been going on this past week, a lot of it to do with the GCS.
Last Saturday we had a group of 109 students from Loughborough University under the flag of C&RT volunteers. These were split into four groups – clearing Knipton feeder, litter picking on the public paths, painting locks 16 - 18 and I got the party clearing canal side foliage between locks 15 & 16.
They may have looked like a rabble without a clue but don’t be fooled
They worked hard and did a bloomin’ good job.
Monday was mowing the grass and generally tidying Woolsthorpe Depot ready for Sundays discovery day.
As far as T-A is concerned the last of the flooring has been removed, but in the bedroom that meant removing the radiator and corner cupboard.
Usual story.
All that’s left to do now is remove the last of the broken screws with a mole grip (I’ve removed enough to make a fakirs bed) and scrape off the mastic before laying the new floor. Everywhere below that I can get at has been cleaned and Waxoyled.
When she was being built we asked for three steps down from the wheel house but as usual it was a case of you’ll get what you are given.
Knocked up a set of steps from scrap wood and it immediately felt more comfortable.
It can’t be seen here but the treads are raked back at 10 deg. to save catching your heels. The finished article will be oak treads with ash body and have storage access. The plain wooden steps at present can be slippery with wet footwear so to that end I have ordered some heavy duty non slip sheeting which will be set into the treads

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