Thursday, 18 October 2012


Karen had a couple of weeks off work coming. It had been hoped that T-A would be further on than she is so we could have a trip out but it was not to be.
The time hasn’t been wasted though with odd days out visiting friends and doing a bit of retail therapy. The main event has to be finding a new playmate for Sox at the Dogs Trust near Loughborough.
His name is Tommy, usually shortened to Tom but extended to Thomas when he is in trouble J. An 18 month cross breed, I’m inclined to think there is a lot of staffy in there.
Over the last fortnight we have been worn out by the pups chasing and playing
 and they have become inseparable.
Getting back to boaty stuff.
The discovery day at Woolsthorpe went well although visitors were down on last year but that seems to be a nationwide trend.
To make a bit more room on T-A for floor laying I brought home the bathroom sink stand/cabinet. Finding it was so flimsy have decided to remake it.
Loads of holes drilled for pocket screws but only half of them used and quite a few of the screws used were broken. I suspect the broken screws are there because our builder has used coarse screws designed for softwood rather than the fine meant for hardwoods.
The holes drilled aren’t deep enough to plug  so they are being re-drilled and the unused ones are being plugged. Once reassembled the remaining holes will be plugged using ash dowel. You can’t see the holes unless your head is in the cupboard so why bother – the trouble is I know they are there not properly finished off and it will bug me.
Looking back at all the cockups from the build, nearly all of them are basic errors. I do wonder if it was beneath our builders dignity or beyond his capability to read the instructions.


Tom and Jan said...

I know how he feels. I get called Thomas when I'm in trouble :-)

Kevin said...

How great that they get on so well together :)