Friday, 2 November 2012

Still Working Away

Not a lot going on at the moment, not least because the weather is making me think it’s time to hibernate.
Even so I managed to get three visits to Woolsthorpe depot to help get Mudlark and Earwig ready for use.
Mostly cleaning and painting
Rowan tried the stove in Earwig but it proved to be a bit smoky.
Things did improve as the chimney warmed but it is definitely in need of resealing.
On the doggy front, we’ve been having a few problems with Tommy getting stressed out when the dogs are left alone. This has been overcome with a bit of patience and a lot of treats so that now if we are both out together he does not think he is being abandoned. All in all though it has meant that the last couple of weeks there has been somebody in the house most of the time and as Karen still has to go to work it has meant less time down at T-A. Still managed a couple of visits to check all OK and offer up various pieces for fitting.
The steps are nearly complete, just need a few coats of varnish and ducting making to take the LED wiring. Hopefully the varnish will help differentiate between the ash body and oak treads. Most of the wood used has been recovered from T-A. Which reminds me – we have a refund from BHNB – found a penny when lifting the floors. J  
The bottom two steps are hinged so that they fold over the step above to give storage access.
A lot of the flooring which cannot be reused is at least keeping us warm at the moment.

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Tom and Jan said...

You may just get a visit from some "heavies" wanting their money back!