Thursday, 15 November 2012

Another Busy Week

Quite a bit of involvement with the GCS in the past week, both planned and unplanned.
Saturday and part of Sunday was down at lock 11 near to the A46 at Stragglethorpe clearing some of the debris left after the Experian work parties last month
while the WRG party cleared out lock 10
to expose the brickwork.
That has got to be a big well done for all the lads and lasses involved.
Got back from a run into town on Monday to find the phone ringing. It was Ian from GCS asking for help down at Woolsthorpe depot after a report of a break in. When we got there we found the windows to the rear had been completely ripped out leaving only the bare brick hole. The security grille in the messing area had been forced off and entry gained there. Stayed until eight making the place as secure as we could.
Down to Tool Station in the morning for new fixings and sealant to do a proper job. Finished in the dark again and have decided to add bars to the outside of the windows to try and deter further intrusion.
The stupidity of this whole sorry affair was that there is nothing of any value kept in the depot, the biggest loss was some soft drinks and crisps left over from the open day, yet the damage done would indicate that these were more than just children. Does the term ‘Strong in the arm – thick in the head’ apply here?
Wednesday morning spent making new security bars for Woolsthorpe and in the afternoon popped over to Hawkes Timber at Bassingfield for a job lot of ply to line the base boards before laying the new flooring.
In the evening it was the GCS AGM. All the usual bits and pieces that you would expect but I was a bit brassed off to learn that CaRT was now insisting that the society pays navigation fees for any workboats using the canal to carry out maintenance.
Urine extraction methinks.
Finally got a few hours down on T-A today. Took the new steps to measure up and mark out where the access to the cool store and bilge will be. The steps still require more varnishing but the felt so secure in position even without fixing I decided to bring the old steps home. They will have to be finished when all the new lining is varnished. Fitted the first couple of flooring boards so with a bit of luck I can start getting the new floor down next week. GCS permitting – I’m already down for a work party on TuesdayJ

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Bruce in Sanity said...

Hi David

Have you seen the para on p31 in this month's Waterways World? It seems Channel 5 are looking for canal business targets for their series Cowboy Traders, which exposes rogue practices amongst small traders. A certain boat builder naturally leapt into my mind.

The contact is Aitor Antepara-Zuza at Ricochet Productions on 01273 224827.

All the best