Sunday, 25 November 2012

Sweep, Hoover, Dust

That’s all I seem to have done over the past week.
Laying the new floor panels is taking longer than expected owing to the amount of mastic, spray foam and broken screws to be removed. Removing the water pipes revealed a pile more rubbish and sawdust. The flooring being re-laid is being reinforced with more 19mm ply strip under the joins to reduce the amount of flexing and it’s all being secured by 5mm(No 10) stainless steel screws in countersunk holes. The result will hopefully be no more rusty broken screws.
Every piece of work is followed by a sweep up and hoover, now all the crud I can find has gone I don’t intend to replace it with more.
Been toying with the idea of signing up for a bee-keeping course in Grantham as we’ve been thinking a hive in the garden would be good for pollinating the fruit trees on top of the chance of some honey. The only worry is that one of the locals might take the opportunity for a feast.
He’s already emptied the bee box we put up.
Tuesday was down at Woolsthorpe depot fitting new security bars to the windows with Ralph. This time it was sweeping up brick dust.J
The rest of the crew were putting the finishing touches to Mudlark.
The weather round here has been absolutely foul for the past couple of days, got a few cutting jobs done in the workshop but varnishing has been out of the question.
Glad I’m not down in Devon or Cornwall, so shouldn’t complain too much.

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