Saturday, 1 December 2012

Something To See At last

Down to T-A every day this week and at last the flooring base is all down and the new flooring has been started on.
The boards go all the way across from wall to wall and not only where you can see them.
Under the sink as was.
Now – still got to tidy up the pipe work but at least the pump is not flapping about now.
The weather has been cramping my style somewhat, not so much with the short days (got plenty of lights) but with no heating at the moment the cold has been getting to me.
Central heating will be a priority job when I start on all the bits under the wheelhouse.
It all looks like a bit of a bomb site at the moment but everything is having to be moved around as the flooring gets done –why can’t we have a Tardis in narrow boat style.


Tom and Jan said...

David, If that's a Shuflo pump in the photo does the head have to be facing down?

David said...

Hi Tom
Seems to work OK at the moment but I can see the sense in statement. Looks like another job to add when I go in to tidy up the plumbing.