Saturday, 22 December 2012

Knock Knock

Is anyone there?
Still waiting for it to get light today so I’m wondering if the world did in fact end yesterday and nobody’s told us. J
Having a forced period of idleness as Karen’s car has started making strange noises and the local garage cannot fit her (the car that is) in this side of Christmas so she is using mine to go to work.
Even so, managed to get down to T-A yesterday to check everything is all right. Oops – water on the bathroom floor but not coming from the newly connected plumbing. There is a leak from the right hand porthole coming in around the frame and running down behind the wall lining and dripping out at the shoulder. Easy enough to trace because I have not yet replaced the capping under the gunnels after the rewire.
Up on the roof and worked some heavy grease in around the frame to seal it for now. Looks like it will be a job for next year when we are out cruising because I will need to get alongside to remove the frame which I can’t do on these short finger moorings. Hopefully the grease will keep the water out for now – we don’t need the floorboards curling up like the last lot.
In the meantime while at home I’m keeping things moving by drawing up a cutting list of parts for the skylight, got some nice pieces of 22 and 34mm sapele board that should do the job.

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Tom and Jan said...

Merry Christmas David & Karen. Wishing you complete TA in time for summer.
Tom & Jan