Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Floorings Down

At last all the flooring has been laid (big sigh).
It now goes into the cupboard and vanity unit bottoms so we will no longer be faced with spray foam spattered base board every time we open a cupboard door.
All the bare woodwork where the cupboards were mounted is now varnished as are the walls behind the radiators.
At the moment I’m remaking the vanity unit base as it seemed very flimsy when removed.
The braces are made from bits of old oak flooring and all pocket screw holes have been plugged save for those that are still required during the fitting – they will be plugged on completion.
I know they will not normally be seen but to my mind a job should be finished off properly whether it’s seen or not. Always been a bit of a finicky so and so but that’s me.
The original 270o turret is reduced to a 90o corner. The original looked pretty but served no purpose other than to increase the footprint of the unit and there is not enough room on a narrowboat to waste space.
Been out buying toys again.
This router bit was on special offer and it seemed rude not to get one. It’s for making finger joints like this
And even without any glue it makes quite a strong joint. It will come in handy joining boards together when I come to remake the cupboard in the saloon. Never was to keen on the original glued butt joints.
Other than that there has only been time for two Christmas gatherings with old railway colleagues – nowt like a good old reminisce.

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Tom and Jan said...

It's not fair... You're getting all the nice Christmas presents!
The floor looks good... :-)