Friday, 28 December 2012

Smashing Christmas

It has been a great Christmas. Just the right mix of family and friends with time to yourself in between and even managed to get in two Christmas dinners, but not on the same day.
Working on the cutting list for the skylight I realised that there would be a lot of routing involved so decided to streamline the router bit storage. You know how it is, you accumulate sets and individual bits over the years until you spend half an hour looking for the right bit for the job. Plenty of off-cuts around at the minute so decided to run off a box from what I had to hand.
It’s meant to be wall mounted but can be closed off to become a case if I need to take them down to the boat
The only cost has been the foam to line the doors.
Looking forward to the new year and hoping it will be as good as Christmas.
Happy new year everyone. J


Tom and Jan said...

Nice set of bits..... There's a few £££ there!

David said...

Yeah - it weighs a ton :-)