Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Things Are Changing.

At last it seems as though we are moving forward rather than one step forward, two steps back, after all there can’t be many more problems to find.
The under bed storage has been finished.
As was  
and now.
No ballast to be seen. The only ballast that may go in there is trim ballast
Made these up out of some bar steel that I had lying around (as you do). Each weighs just over 30lb with a handle for ease of movement.
In the bathroom the vanity unit has been reinstalled
And no longer has unsecured water pipes coming out of the floor and just flopping around
Even though there’s lots more to do it’s starting to feel as though the finish is in sight – but I’ve thought that before.
Trouble is that I'm enjoying myself so much that I will probably always have some project or other on the go - though I think Karen may direct some of my efforts towards the house.


Bruce in Sanity said...


Had you thought about a second career as a boat fitter?


Have good Christmas, and good boating in the New Year!



Tom and Jan said...

Perhaps boat renovator or 2nd fix expert :-)

Have a great Christmas and New Year

Tom & Jan

David said...

Seasons greetings folks!
Wish I'd taken up boat building 40 years ago - then I might know what I'm doing but it wouldn't be so much fun.;-)


Karen shouts Hi and Merry Cristmas