Sunday, 26 August 2012

Doing What It Should

Well the forward locker doors have been fitted
And work as planned
But have now been taken home for varnishing and have pulls fitted, as I don’t want to keep opening them with a screwdriver. In addition I am adding a ‘Battery Isolation Switch’ plate to indicate the switches are in there. I don’t know what the ruling is but if you need one for the main batteries it makes sense that you should have one for this end.
Camera recovered so now we have pictures of the winch wiring
As it was
As it is now
I have added 12V sockets throughout the boat including one here by the charger socket. The roll of yellow wire is a draw cord running the full length of the boat with enough at each end so it can be pulled to and fro to run any additional cabling, the is also one running down the other gunnel.
And the finished wiring to the battery compartment.
As it used to be
Went to Midland Chandlers yesterday and got the required fuses. Successful test carried out and the upshot of that is that when the down button is pressed the anchor chain goes down not up as it did before. J
Another positive result
Roof lining in the kitchen area is back up and all been measured to make new capping to cover the joins.
More of the kitchen in due course.

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