Friday, 24 August 2012

Having Fun

Oops! Playing catch up again. I must be having fun because the time is just whizzing by.
Since my last post I popped over to the Midland Chandlers at Mercia and got all the bits needed to split the power supply to winch and bow thruster, or so I thought, having since learnt that the winch only requires a 100 amp fuse.
The following day (Saturday) was a working holiday for John and me taking a birthday party trip for the GCS on Three Shires from Woolsthorpe to Grantham and back with a stop for a picnic en-route. Every one seemed to enjoy themselves and tried to encourage a new recruit. That reminds me, there is an open day at Woolsthorpe carpenters shop behind the Dirty Duck pub on Thursday September 6th, walking talks, boat trips and an exhibition. Surely worth a visit.
The rest of the week has been a bit of a blur, working between home and boat, making bits and pieces and then down to T-A to offer them up for fitting. The new battery box is finished with the top sloping towards the bow locker so that any fumes vent out that way rather than up into the mattress.
The new fuse mountings are in the battery box
but the battery switches are now mounted inside the bow locker, either side of the door. The bow thruster was wired in and tested OK on Wednesday.
New doors have been made for the bow locker- as was
Now in three parts, the bottom being a drop down flap, which will probably only be used when the water tank is being serviced..
In this shot they are just held in by gaffer tape - LED lighting making it look grey. I have been fitting them today after finishing off the wiring for the winch – not tested yet as I still haven been over to get some 100A fuses and I’m not going to use the old 300A one.
The result of these modifications is that now we can access the bow locker without removing the mattress and the battery switches can be operated without dismantling the bed.
On top of all that the battening is up to take the new roof lining in the galley area and some of the shelving is up. Silly me forgot to bring the camera home so no pictures of today’s effort.

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