Thursday, 16 August 2012

Still Trundling On

Tuesday was working form home I the morning and down to T-A in the afternoon for what was supposed to be just a quick visit in the afternoon but  as usual it lasted for a bit more than that. I had learned from Tom on his blog for ‘Waiouru’ that the ‘Hurricane’ heating should have an air trap in the system – ours don’t – so it seemed like a good idea to get one, the only trouble is that the orifices are 22mm and the system has 15mm pipe work. Soon plumbed in some reducers and left good long tails so that there is plenty of room to adapt when the system is reinstalled.
Out at Trudy and decided to cut down the roof lining where the old microwave shelf went as there are screw holes in it and a hole chopped out where the socket was(no junction box, just a socket).
Tried the shelf and battery box for size but both needed a bit shaving off.
Wednesday a quiet day doing the paperwork like sending off for a new navigation licence and ordering a new toy – which was waiting for me when I got home this evening.
It’s a mini circular saw made by Dremel and I reckon it will earn its keep when it comes to lifting the floorboards.
As for today I decided to re route the pipes from the black water  tank as they were in the way the other day when I was trying to work on the water tank inspection cover.
Now they are well over to the side and just clear of the bow thruster motor.
Started on rewiring the winch and thruster but stopped when I decided that a trip to the chandlers was the order of the day because I think it best that both items have their own fuse and isolation switch rather than one common to both.
Did have a smile though, there are two cables running from the battery to each side of the relay for the winch but on removing the first I see they are already strapped together.

Had intended to make a short cable strap, glad I didn’t do it before hand.


Tom and Jan said...

Does 15mm pipe provide sufficient capacity? Ours is ¾" pipe. I think the Hurricane manual states insufficient size may restrict the flow!

David said...

Hi Tom
Let's hope so. I'm inclined to believe the problems in the past were caused by air locks because the pump was mounted to high and now with the air trap I think we will be OK. On the odd occasions when the heating worked - it worked very well - it just didn't shut off because the temperature sensor was in the engine bay.
All the best