Sunday, 1 April 2012

More Boating

Been out on the Grantham Canal again for the past two days. Friday was a trip out on Three Shires with a party of nine for a birthday treat. I’d been a bit bothered about this as yawping kids drive me up the wall, but as it turned out it was thee adults and only six children who kept themselves amused with colouring books and word searches, so it turned out to be a very pleasant trip.
Yesterday we were out with Centauri collecting rubbish again and it was my turn to get dirty down in the hold.
Time for a bit of a rant because we were disgusted at the amount of dog crap in plastic bags dumped in the cut. If they’re going to the trouble of bagging it why dump it in the cut, once bagged it will take ages to rot away. It would be better for all concerned if they just got a stick and flicked it in raw but better still if they took it home. Biggest man made item today was a mattress that weighed a ton when full of water.
Anyway this was what we had at lunch time at Harlaxton, didn’t manage to get a picture of the full load as I was trapped in and had to empty the contents to get out. Wet, filthy, smelly and knackered but still having a laugh – can’t be bad.
Today is a quiet day sorting cupboard doors and more varnishing, and maybe mow the lawns later. Or maybe I'll just put he kettle on again. 

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