Sunday, 8 April 2012

Tinkering and Sailoring

Not a lot happening this past week as far as T-A is concerned. Just went down to check if she was O.K. on blustery Wednesday. For the rest of the time it has been remaking cupboards doors and varnishing.
Spent three mornings down on Three Shires the GCS trip boat, with Ralph trying to sort out why the domestic 12V supply had failed. Took turns in the engine ‘ole grunting and groaning, by Friday we seem to have sorted it between us – fingers crossed. Party booking on Sunday.
Sunday dawned and went to Three Shires earlier than needed only to find that everything was still fine and no need to get the charger out. That makes life easier as the passengers can use the toilet. A cheerful cruise up to the A1 with the punters disappearing into the pub while we winded – good job the toilet was working on the way back.
On the garden front – Karen’s got all the onions and shallots in and prepared the tomato bed in the greenhouse. Lots of seedlings ready to be hardened off and I managed to pop in another row of potatoes between showers.
Same old, same old really – but still having fun.

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