Friday, 13 April 2012

More Doors

Well another busy week. Starting mainly around the house and garden with a bit more varnishing of cupboard doors thrown in for good measure. Yesterday (Thursday) was spent at Grantham with a GCS work party repairing the pontoon after some scrotes had tried to thieve the aluminium side panels. Remaining aluminium panels removed and replaced with non slip GRP and a damaged deck panel replaced.
Looks nice and smart again. Hopefully it will stay that way as there isn’t much scrap value in fibreglass. Even so the parts cost the society over a thousand pounds. ( begging bowl coming round)
Today was taken up by removing the last of the cupboard doors on Trudy-Ann for remaking and trimming. While down at the marina I booked T-A to come out of the water for two weeks in late June. This should make life easier and give us plenty of time to demount the winch for rewiring(it also needs to be repositioned), cut vents for the battery compartment. I am also hoping that I will have the woodwork complete for the skylight and wheelhouse, plus several jobs that need doing on the outside.
Today’s test.
These are the cupboard doors at the head of the bed.
Spot the deliberate mistake.
If you said “How do you open the doors when the mattress is in place” award yourself a large whisky. These doors will be shortened and a removable panel fitted across the bottom for when we need to paint the water tank.
Trimming these curved doors up is going to be fun as the curved frame sections are not solid ash but made up of laminated ply covered with a veneer. I can soon make some new strips of veneer but I have a feeling that it will end up with new sections being cut from sold ash on the band saw
A common theme seems to be that all these parts were originally cut to size with a blunt saw. No effort has been made to remove the burn marks. Another little job to add to the list.
All the doors brought home and door furniture removed.
And because it was such a lovely evening the lawns got mowed for good measure.

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