Sunday, 29 April 2012

Damp Week

Well this past week I’m sorry to say has not been the best for weather. Forecast for yesterday was overcast so had planned a day with the GCS tidying up Woolsthorpe depot yard. Well we gave up after one and a half hours of continuous rain – it was clear there would be no mowing or tidying done that day. That’s the first time the weather has got the better of us.
The days of the rest of the week have just merged together with a trip to the vets to get Sox’s booster jabs being the only outstanding occurrence. We have now had him a year and the tine has just flown by.
The rest of the week has been on the computer designing the new wheelhouse and skylight, as well as drawing up a cutting list to see if I have enough sapele. Looks like I will if I can recover some of the  wood from the old doors and skylight.
These are the plans for the new wheelhouse and this is a bit of an experiment as they may turn out too fine to see as the originals are quite a bit larger.

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