Sunday, 22 April 2012


Funny old week this past few days. Started out being  too wet to do much, even resorted to doing some housework L to stop the boredom.
On Thursday preparations started at Woolsthorpe for the new lock gates and took the opportunity to drop off the tools and spares that I still had from the pontoon and weir jobs.
The scaffolding arrived and was assembled around lock 18 on Friday, and we had a late wet finish erecting the safety fencing around the lock ready for start of work on Monday.
There is only one problem. It has rained so much since the drought was declared, the field where the crane was to be positioned is now too boggy to take the weight so it looks like the work will be postponed again. It could only happen in Britain couldn’t it!
On Saturday we took a party out on Three Shires to Denton and back – the difference in handling due to the extra three inches of water after the weir work last Sunday was incredible.
Good result there anyway.

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