Thursday, 29 March 2012

Keeping Up To Date

Having to update a bit more regularly of late as there is so much going on at present if I leave it too long I’ll be bound to forget what happened when.
Tuesday was fairly quiet with a few jobs around the house between trimming cupboard doors for T-A then a run to the plumbers to get a few bits to try and tidy up this cats cradle.
Call me old fashioned but I don’t like to see pipes flopping around any old how.
Popped into Doug Howes plumbers merchants in Melton to get valves for a leaky kitchen tap that the big boys don’t stock.
I love these places where there are racks all over the place behind the counter and the old boy disappears into the darkness and comes back with exactly what you want, and then issues a hand written receipt.
Picked up Brocks prescription on the way back, the old dog is still plodding on, despite being told he would dead 18 months ago.
Wednesday was spent sorting out taps and  than taking cables and equipment down to T-A in readiness to start the rewire.
Today was out with the GCS on the boats again down to Grantham and back. Lucky old me got one of the cushy jobs on Three Shires again.
Maffi isn’t the only one who can shift rubbish.
This is on top of what was shifted last week. Another brilliant day out.
The motley crew taking lunch at Harlaxton, they may not look very scary but they put the wind up the locals.

I may not have had the hardest job today but I’m cream crackered, so dogs have been fed it’s time for a boil in the bath and relax – another busy day tomorrow and the day after.


Tom and Jan said...

At least your mate Ben was consistent with his standard of workmanship... So you know what to expect each time you remove some panelling :-)

David said...

'E baint no mate o' moin - 'e be a roit bar steward.