Monday, 19 March 2012

Those Little Jobs

Another week already, this retirement time don’t hang about like they told me it would. The old bus flew through the MoT, probably because every year I say ‘If it costs too much we’ll fix it with a new one’, but in the best tradition of Sweden it continues to soldier on.
The early potatoes are in and Karen is sitting out back like granny Clampet with rocking chair and shotgun after seeing the crows feeding on her broad beans.
Last Thursday out with the GCS clearing more trees down at Swab’s Lane, having a good time as always.
A couple of days down at T-A saw the soundproofing being fitted to the engine hole bulkhead where the heating boiler will go. Managed to jemmy the doors open on the bathroom cabinets, hopefully to be removed on the next trip. No room this time as car full of cushions and other bits which are being removed to make room to work. We have taken the decision to defer any cruising for the time being, as putting things back to make the boat serviceable is slowing the overall refit quite considerably. The rest of the time has been spent in the workshop making a mount for the heater in 6mm steel, capping for the battery cable duct and a drop in bracket to stop the isolation transformer moving about. Also started cutting some test pieces for the forward section of the wheelhouse using wood recovered from the old doors. So nothing spectacular but necessary work none the less.

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