Saturday, 3 March 2012

Celebrating And Organising

I don’t know into March already where does the time go.
Not much happening in this past week, the framework has been completed for the top of the control desk to which the panel will be mounted, so it was a couple of trips down to Trudy-Ann to offer up the parts and adjust as necessary. Now it’s just a case of sand and varnish to build up the layers especially on the bits that hopefully will not see the light of day again. That is one thing I have encountered whilst working on T-A, if it’s not on display bare wood will do, not any more it’s not.
Celebrated mine and brothers birthdays this week as they fall either side of the month end and this year they are a day further apart. Got a nice watch from Karen – is this a subtle hint to be back for dinner on time?
And  lots of storage cases which will be a great help running between home and boat because I have lost count of the times down at Trudy when I whish that I had a particular size of screw or bolt, or you realise  that the tool you want is still at home, now it can all be easily stacked in the back of the motor.

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Tom and Jan said...

Belated Happy Birthday David!
Tom & Jan