Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Visible Progress

At last things are starting to come together, albeit very slowly. A last lick of paint this morning and down to Trudy-Ann this afternoon to fit brackets and put bits in place to see how they go together,
Has become this
The isolation transformer is mounted in its secure bracket but not yet wired in. The main battery cables which were draped over the engine bearer now run through the bearer and are boxed in troughing and the new base for the Hurricane boiler has positioned but be removed until the rewiring and plumbing is complete.
More furniture and cupboard doors removed to be shaped to fit, to make more room to work.
You can tell this was a happy build, by the way the cupboard doors smile back at you.
This may well be due to the fact that only the door fronts have had a skimpy coat of varnish and the backs are bare wood. If that is the case then I am hopeful that judicious use of clamps and steam will sort the problem before lots of varnish is applied. That is of course assuming the glue is not the same as used for the bathroom door, if that is the case, they will be disassembled.

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Tom and Jan said...

From what I've seen he used the same glue on our boat.