Monday, 26 March 2012

Control Desk

Been keeping busy over the last few days.
Last Thursday saw me out with the GCS again. Did a bit to tidying up in Woolsthorpe depot and then wandered down the towpath to meet up with the boats at Denton Wharf.
Grand day and a nice stroll by the canal.
This is the recently refurbished bridge 62
Hopped on Three Shires and managed to steer her back to Woolsthorpe without getting lost.
Friday spent catching up with jobs in the garden, servicing the mowers and putting them to use, all in between sanding and varnishing the cupboard doors from Trudy-Ann.
Saturday and Sunday down to T-A doing some measuring up and so forth but not a lot to show for it, mainly bringing stuff back to make space – the rest of the time just catching up with jobs around the house.
Today has been a full day down on T-A. Installing the last of the soundproofing on the engine bulkhead. The last parts of control desk framework are now in place so the control panel could be fitted. Panelling to cover the framework will be made once the wiring is complete but will be fully removable.
Now the rewiring can start in earnest, but only the bilge pump and engine loom wired in so far.
Access to the wiring is as easy as pie.
A bit different to what it used to be.
Brought home some more furniture and cupboard doors for remaking, just in case I get bored.


Tom and Jan said...


With all the work you're doing (re-doing) you could have done the fit-out yourself. Still, this way you have a route map on how not to do it!


David said...

Hi Tom

That was the original plan but I got talked out of it - we live and learm.