Friday, 25 November 2011

Seeing The Light

Been down at Woolsthorpe with the Grantham Canal Society lads for the last couple of days getting ready for the new gates at lock 18, but the news is not good. It would seem that BW have decided the paperwork submitted is not in keeping with their internal system so the work cannot go ahead. BU***R. It’s a pity the society weren’t advised when it was submitted so it could be changed. Looks like the work will take place next year now. On the plus side it kept me out the way while Karen painted the kitchen, Sox being the only casualty, ending up half off white after leaning against the wall.
The work on T-A continues slowly in the workshop with the framework for the control desk although it looks like I’ll have a few extra days at the marina next week. 
With the shortening days affecting the work I can do I’ve invested in some auxiliary lighting which will help the situation. They are both 240V so can be run from the shore supply if batteries and inverter are disconnected.
Hopefully these will help extend my work periods, just hope it doesn’t get too cold while the heating is disconnected, I’m guessing a patio heater in the wheelhouse would look silly.

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