Sunday, 6 November 2011

Back to Basics

Well I said in my last blog that something would turn up – and it did, almost literally.
I decided to make a boss to cover the hydraulic steering pump as the new wheel is flat rather than dished and will have to be moved out to clear the desk. Took more time to clear stuff away from the lathe than it did to turn down a bit of sapele, the hole is for the oil filler cap. Also finished off the box which will take the trip panel – nothing fancy just dowelled joints and access holes rounded with a router.
 Saturday was a day off for a bit of retail therapy being Karen’s birthday, but we still remember the birthday two years ago when we made a failed attempt to get home in T-A. She boiled up even before we got to the water point at Great Haywood (T-A not Karen) because the cooling system had been connected back to front.
Today was spent clearing the panelling from the cabin bulkhead to get at the wiring and the last bits of detritus from the control desk. No shortage of firewood this year J
Thinking of repositioning the microwave against the outside wall as most seem to open from the right and where it was meant working round the door. (See pic in previous blog entry)
The steelwork was rubbed down and given a coat of paint before departure as I’d scraped off a fair bit of paint removing all the glue that held the battens and steering in place. Just leaves it to remove the panelling from under the gunnels to get at the wiring, at least the major part of destructive work is over on this part of the project The next destructive task will be to lift the warped flooring but that can wait for now.

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