Monday, 14 November 2011

A Quiet Week

Not much to say about this past week. Been down to T-A a couple of times to measure up the control panel templates, it’s times like this when you wish you had the boat parked on the drive, but things are slowly taking shape. The control desk will be substantially altered when finished so at the moment the framework is being run up in cheap shuttering to make sure everything fits. The trip switch box I mentioned last time had been completed but I wasn’t satisfied with the result so it’s back to being just an open box at present – can’t win them all.
Reading the Waiouru blog, Tom mentioned the flush fitting mains shoreline sockets on Ufton – what a good idea – so now I am the proud owner of two in beige which will hopefully blend with the cream paintwork either side of the wheelhouse. While on the Aquafax website I also ordered a galvanic isolator which set me to thinking (dangerous and expensive) and in the end I have ordered an isolation transformer from Airlink. Talk about over-kill but then if I’m rewiring the boat I may as well make a proper job of it, eh.
In the main this week has been in the garden pruning fruit trees and clearing leaves. The leaves are being composted and the fruit tree cuttings along with the bean vines are satisfying my latent urge for pyromania. Still plenty of apples and pears on the trees which are still nice and firm – it sure has been a good year for fruit. The mice have moved into their winter moorings in the middle shed so now several sacks of potatoes are hanging precariously from the rafters, just hope the don’t chew the freezer wiring out of spite.
It is going to be a busy couple of weeks down on the Grantham canal as the new gates for Woolsthorpe Top Lock are being installed towards the end of the month so it is all hands to the pumps to get the site ready for the contractors and muggings has agreed to be available for a few days, hope I can get some shots of the gates going in.

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