Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Helpful People

One of the minor items spotted in the survey was that there was no cover over the screws on the morse control – it just never got fitted, so while the control panel is under reconstruction I thought I would try and get one.
After looking on the Uniflex web site I was starting to think I may have to buy a whole new unit. I had the part number but no listed dealers. On the off chance I rang Aquafax on Monday. Yes we stock them says they and a jiffy bag dropped on the mat first thing this morning with the appropriate part. Certainly a lot cheaper than buying the whole item.
Thinking about it, every person or firm I have had dealings with in the boating world (Bar one of course) have been civil, efficient, prompt as well as ready to proffer advice and support. So to all those people a big thank you.
Back to today and down at T-A with some square drive bits to remove the few Kreg screws holding the last remnants of control panel in place. Also started to remove some of the rotted panelling around the doors – we still seem to be dry so keeping fingers crossed. Emptied out the cupboards and removed the microwave ready to remove the panelling to get at the wiring. Looking to enlarge the shelves when it goes back up.
Old picture taken during the build.
Yesterday found me down at my favourite local wood yard picking up some cheap ply to make the templates for the new control desk, took them down today but no serious work done before light stopped play.
Back in the workshop and started making the case to mount the trip switch panel using some of the wood from the skylight – waste not want not.
Nothing planned for tomorrow but something will turn up - it always does. Bored? - Not me!


mikey_012 said...

hi dave and karen im not being funny but surely if the boats been inspected and got the boat safety cert then it should be the person who did it you should be slagging aswell, at the end of the day if it was not upto standard then it wouldnt of passed and if it was the boat you asked for and was goin to see it beng built, which im sure you would have then you should of told the builders you did not like some thing they did?

David said...

Hi Mikey
I suspect the examiner may have been leant on as well. At the end all we wanted to do was get the boat so we could sort it out. It was made clear enough that we were not getting anything sorted by the builder.
At least we got a boat which is more than some people did. Have a look at the Waiouru blog