Sunday, 30 October 2011

Catching Up

Can’t believe it’s been six days since I last blogged. Tuesday and Wednesday found me down at T-A working on the weatherboards. The doors are now complete but I have not managed to do the door frame surrounds to cover the gap between steelwork and woodwork on the off side. That may have to wait until we are moored up on that side, but both doors and frames have had an extra coat of varnish. I was wrong about the doors being only screwed and glued butt joints – there wasn’t any glue, but I think there may be recoverable wood to use in the wheelhouse framework.
If the idea was that the glass could be replaced by unscrewing the frame, then this failed because several of the screws had rusted and seized in. Makes me aware that I am doing the right thing by using stainless steel or brass.
Thursday was spent on the GCS work boat Centauri clearing rubbish, good fun but smelly work.
Down to T-A on Friday with Karen to sheet up for the winter as the wheelhouse cover stitching has split on the corners and has a tendency to lift. Very pleased to find little or no water in the wheelhouse after the rain, what water that was there looked as though it had dripped off the door when opened.
Back down on Saturday to measure up for the new woodwork but got carried away and also dismantled the control desk which came home with me. Nearly in trouble as I had forgotten we were out partying later.
Today has been spent on various designs and getting some of the bits ready. The old tachometer is now connected into the new panel and the radio connectors have been modified for use on the boat.

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