Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Short Visit

Only had time for a couple of hours on T-A today, so decided to make a start on running the main battery leads. I awoke early this morning and it’s strange how your mind turns things over, I had a feeling that there was something was not quite right with the battery leads I had been making up. Spent the morning checking things out and realised that the live feed for the trip switches was coming from the wrong side of the master switch. i.e. the battery was still connected with the switch out. So this afternoon it was down to the boat firstly to install the new troughing between the engine bearers and then the leads before starting to link up the batteries repositioning the trip panel feed as I did so.
You may remember this.
Well it now looks like this
There are still wires to be re run but they will be done when the wiring is replaced, then a lid will be fitted to make it safe to walk on. Got a few battery links on but was beaten by the loss of light as there are no electrics on the boat at the moment.
Took one of the tarnished vent trims out of the roof lining, to see if the new one would fit, and found one of the ceiling light wires wrapped in insulation tape. With the tape off it was apparent that the wire had been caught by the hole cutter and stripped. Perhaps this rewire is a blessing in disguise.
In the previous post I was wondering if I were being finicky but now I’d rather think of it as attention to detail which may save future problems.

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